Drake Enters Cannabis Industry

In early November a Toronto-based cannabis producer, Canopy Growth Corp, teamed up with recording artist and singer Drake to launch More Life Growth Company. Drake is set to own 60 percent of the company leaving Canopy Growth with 40 percent and continue to operate the production and distribution end of the business.

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CBD-Dispensing Robots in 7-Eleven

A CBD dispensing vending machine, aka robots, are being placed at Colorado 7-Elevens as of the first week in November.

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Veterans Day CBD Coupons and Sales 2019

Find our list of Veterans Day online CBD sales including exclusive promo codes for Leafreport’s users.

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senator chuck schumer
CBD Guidance Needed – Senator “Chuck” Schumer taking his concerns to the FDA

The rise of cannabidiol (CBD) use as an alternative medicine has caught the attention of U.S. Senator Charles (Chuck) E. Schumer of New York State and he’s taking his concerns to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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triathlon and cbd
U.S.A. Triathlon and CBD: A Long Awaited Relationship

Whether you compete in the Spring or the full Ironman three things are certain; optimal performance is vital, recovery is important, and your body will ache. These facts along with the decline of U.S.A. Triathlons involvement led to the national governing body to partner with Pure Spectrum, a CBD company out of Colorado.

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A Hanover County judge Judge tosses marijuana charge for man who legally purchased CBD product

A young many was ticketed for carrying marijuana when in fact he had possession of an industrial hemp product he purchased at a local gas  legally. The state of Virginia’s roadside test cannot differentiate between the two;

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Hemp Auction
The Nation’s First and Largest Hemp Public Auction

The nation’s first and largest hemp auction will take place this Fall in Franklin, Tennessee. The International Hemp Auction & Market (IHAM) will be hosted by the Southern Hemp Marketplace (SHM), LLC has started selling tickets September 16, 2019 to host 1,000 plus farmers, processors, and traders.

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CBD Brands Supporting Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month and just about every health and non-health industry is showing their support. The CBD industry has not only joined in the support and some CBD companies are leading in providing awareness along with financial support and packages for managing the diagnosis.

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arthritis foundation
Arthritis Foundation and CBD: New Guidelines Published

The Arthritis Foundation recently released a statement regarding their stance on the use of CBD for managing joint pain among arthritis sufferers. The stance isn’t what you would expect, but shows promise for the future of CBD for medicinal purposes.

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John Legend CBD Startup

Legend partnering with CBD startup gives it the revival it needed.

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Japan Approves CBD Sells

Japan to begin accepting the sell of CBD products. New Age Beverage Corporation, Colorado-based company, received approval from the Japanese Ministry of Health recently.

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New CBD Vape Danger; Street Drugs Found in Place of CBD

After just two puffs from the CBD vape pen Jenkins was offered by a friend he ended up in a coma rather than simply relaxed. He remembers things getting hazy then quickly terrifying. Not the reaction he was expected at all.

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Achy Feet, Red Carpets & CBD: How Amy Sedaris and Other Celebrities are Surviving the Red Carpet

CBD brand Lord Jones launch a new lotion dedicated to relieving achy feet

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The Feds Make a Stern Warning to CBD Companies Regarding Unfounded CBD Health Claims

The days of baseless health claims by CBD companies appears to be coming to an end. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is scrutinizing companies selling CBD products for releasing advertised statements that their products treat diseases and medical conditions.

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Recruiting Retired Athlete`s A Colorado CBD Study

Retired Jocks Wanted – A Colorado-based study is seeking 16 retired athletes to take part in their study on the efficacy of CBD in regards to the quality of life

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Another Kardashian in the Beauty Industry Kourtney Launches CBD Serum

Kim and Kylie are no longer the only Kardashian sister’s in the beauty industry. Kourtney has taken her place in a unique market.

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